Information for Vendors: Exhibit Booths

Will include 8x10 with electricity, carpet, and Internet connection. 
Booths for Exhibitors and .org's will start set up at 6:30 PM Wednesday
Oct. 30th for the Oct. 31st exhibit, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Each
booth will also have drapes, a table cloth, and two chairs.  Exhibitors
are invited to purchase as many booths as they desire.  In past years
large vendors have purchased 2 or 3 booths.  Vendors can bring up to 4
people per booth as Exhibitors.  Attendees will pay $25 for admission to
the exhibits via the Think-Linux website, which provides exhibit
registration and printing of passes.  All Exhibit attendees will register
on-line, print their pass and present the pass along with their drivers
license to enter.
More information available from [email protected] or Glenn Jacobson at 419 861-3331.

Presented by:

Unique Systems, Inc.


SBD:  Strategic Business Development