Information for Vendors: Conference Sessions

New this year is the opportunity to purchase conference session rooms.  
The sessions will be purchased for 1/2 day periods of time consisting of
3 1/2 hour sessions.  Each Vendor 1/2 day conference area, will cost
$750.  (Note that we have a maximum of eight 1/2 day sessions to rent,
so it will be on a first come, first serve basis.) 
The sessions will be planned and presented by the vendor, but the
presentations should include at least one case study of an actual Linux
installation with a customer representative at the show to answer
questions.  If you can bring 2 or 3 Linux "trailblazer" customers so
much the better and will help drive your attendance.  Each room will
seat up to 80 or 100 people.
Registration is done off of the website, requiring attendees to
fill out a form, enter a credit card # and print their own pass.  The
pass and their drivers license will be presented at the front desk to
enter the show. 
Hint - possible application areas to present case studies are: Banking
/Financial, E-Commerce, Education/Government, Health-care, Distribution/
Warehousing, Office/Desktop, Process Control/Manufacturing High
Performance/Scientific/Research, and Wireless/PDA's.
More information available from [email protected] or Glenn Jacobson at 419 861-3331.

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Unique Systems, Inc.


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