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Ticker Symbols for Options


Ticker symbols for options are formed one way for stock and index options, and another way for futures options.

Stock and Index options

These symbols are formed by a combination of the "option root" plus a 1-letter month code plus a 1-letter strike price code. Each symbol for options based on stocks and indices is preceded by a plus (+) sign. Here are some examples of stock option symbols:

  • +IBMSQ = Intl. Bus. Machines, July Put, Strike = 85
  • +MSQGR = Microsoft, July Call, Strike = 90
  • +FFX = Ford Motor, June Call, Strike = 22 1/2

It is also important to note that the option root is never more than 3 characters. Since NASDAQ stocks always have 4- or 5-letter symbols, the stock symbol is not the same as the option root. To create the option root, usually the first two letters of the symbol are used, followed by a Q. Thus, MSFT becomes MSQ, AAPL becomes AAQ, LOTS becomes LOQ.

On the World Wide Web, Quote.com has an interactive tool for determining the option root for stock symbols.

Month Codes for Stocks and Indices

   Call   Put    Month
   ----   ---    -----
   A      M      January
   B      N      February
   C      O      March
   D      P      April
   E      Q      May
   F      R      June
   G      S      July
   H      T      August
   I      U      September
   J      V      October
   K      W      November
   L      X      December

Strike Price Codes for Stocks and Indices

Note that the same code can represent multiple strike prices. For example, A represents a strike price of 5, 105, or 205 depending on the price of the underlying instrument.

   Code   Strike Prices
   ----   -------------- 
   A      5    105   205
   B      10   110   210
   C      15   115   215
   D      20   120   220
   E      25   125   225
   F      30   130   230
   G      35   135   235
   H      40   140   240
   I      45   145   245
   J      50   150   250
   K      55   155   255
   L      60   160   260
   M      65   165   265
   N      70   170   270
   O      75   175   275
   P      80   180   280
   Q      85   185   285
   R      90   190   290
   S      95   195   295
   T      100  200   300
   U      7.5     37.5 
   V      12.5    42.5
   W      17.5    47.5
   X      22.5    52.5
   Y      27.5    57.5
   Z      32.5    37.5

Option Roots for Some Index Options

  • NYA NYSE Composite Index
  • RUT Russell 2000 Index
  • OEX S&P; 100 Index
  • SPX S&P; 500 Index
  • MID S&P; MidCap Index
  • VLE Value Line Composite Index
  • WSX Wishire Small Cap Index

Futures Options

These symbols are usually formed by a combination of the "option root" plus a 1-letter month code plus a 2- or 3-digit number indicating the strike price. Each symbol for options based on futures is preceded by a minus (-) sign. Here are some examples of futures option symbols:

  • -TCM09 = Ten-Year U.S. Treasury Note June Call, Strike = 109.0
  • -WZN34 = Wheat, July Put, Strike = 340
  • -CPM625 = British Pound, June Call, Strike = 1.5625

Month Codes for Options on Futures

   Call   Put    Month
   ----   ---    -----
   F      A      January
   G      B      February
   H      C      March
   J      D      April
   K      E      May
   M      I      June
   N      L      July
   Q      O      August
   U      P      September
   V      R      October
   X      S      November
   Z      T      December

Option Roots for Some Futures Options

  • CP British Pound Calls
  • PP British Pound Puts
  • WZ Wheat Puts
  • WY Wheat Calls
  • TC Ten-Year Treasure Note Calls
  • TP Ten-Year Treasure Note Calls


Some exchanges do something a little differently from the norm. Here we outline those changes that we know about. These pages also contain comprehensive listings of option and futures root symbols. If you know that we are missing something, please send mail to [email protected] to let us know.

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