Investments Are For Everyone
And Everyone Is An Investor!

That's right! You may not be aware of it, but you make investments almost every day:

  • You invest time now to go to work in order to be paid later.
  • You buy a faster computer to do your work more efficiently.
  • You attend a training seminar to improve your job skills.

You always sacrifice a present value, which is certain for a future value, which may not be so certain.

A very important part of your investments are your financial investments, and they affect you very profoundly. At Cales Investments, we recognize that there are two categories of investors::

Traditional Investors and Online Investors

Traditional Investors are busy individuals who demand the seasoned advise and flawless execution of a Full Service Brokerage. We realize that there are a myriad of investment possibilities. That is why we think it is important to discuss your investment goals to help define your own needs and ambitions. Our professionals will help you!

Online Investors can take advantage of our Online Discount Brokerage. We give you the tools necessary to devise your own investment strategy and effectively put it to work. At, you can retrieve quotes, obtain research, manage your account and trade online - all in one place.

Whether you choose to consult with our experts, or access the market via our website, Cales Investments, Inc. has the vital resources to help you meet all of your investment objectives.

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