Orders and Clearing

Before Cales Investments can accept any orders, your account must show a free and clear credit balance.

Cales Investments introduces all accounts to Emmett A. Larkin Company, Inc. ("Larkin") on a fully disclosed basis. Larkin is a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., the Chicago Stock Exchange and the Pacific Exchange and performs, as agent, certain execution and clearing functions for Cales Investments, Inc. Larkin's role is limited to performing execution, clearing and custodial functions for Cales Investments, Inc. Larkin makes no investment recommendations to the customers of Cales Investments, Inc. and assumes no responsibilty for any investment recommendations that Cales Investments, Inc. may make. Larkin's Customer Information Brochure containing the terms and conditions of your relationship with Larkin will be mailed to you upon opening an account or upon request.

Cales Investments, Inc. is currently registered in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming. If you are not a resident of those states, we can not accept your business for the time being. Please check back with us in the future. Thank you!

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