Your Online Trading Account - A Quick Overview

Thank you for choosing Cales Investments as your Online Broker. The Online Trading Account allows you to use our internet research facilities to make your own educated investment decisions and implement them online, without talking to a registered representative.


You have opened your account online. The account is being carried in your name, in the name of an entity controlled by you, or for which you are the authorized representative. You are the only person authorized to initiate transactions for this account. By opening an account online, U.S. Citizens and non-U.S. Citizens become customers of Cales Investments, Inc. and therefore will be subject to the U.S. Securities Laws, Rules and Regulations.


Transactions in your account can only be initiated by yourself. Your account can only be accessed by use of your Personal Identification Number; therefore you are responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of your PIN.


Since you have chosen the Online Trading Option, you will have free access to all the valuable resources that turn our online customers into successful investors. Transactions will be executed within seconds and posted to your account in real time. Please e-mail any questions you might have or any service instructions regarding your account to: [email protected].