Your Full Service Account - A Quick Overview

Thank you for choosing Cales Investments as your Full Service Broker. The Full Service Option allows you to take advantage of our website together with the traditional Brokerage Services offered through your personal Account Executive.


Domestic Accounts

You have opened your account either online or by mailing us the required forms. The account is being carried in your name, in the name of an entity controlled by you, or for which you are the authorized representative. You are the only person authorized to initiate transactions for this account. Your broker is authorized to act upon your verbal or written instructions only.

Foreign Accounts

  1. You have opened your account with the help of a Foreign Broker. In this case, your account is being serviced by the foreign brokerage firm and Cales Investments, Inc. acts as secondary clearing house. You are therefore a customer of the Foreign Brokerage firm and subject to their terms and conditions and their business practices. Cales operates in good faith as instructed by your foreign broker or their employees.
  2. You have opened your account directly with Cales by using our online application forms. In this case, you are dealing directly with employees of Cales Investments, are therefore a customer of Cales Investments, Inc. and subject to all U.S. securities laws, rules and regulations.


Transactions in your account can only be authorized by yourself. However, if you have signed a Power of Attorney in favor of a third person, this person will be authorized to initiate transactions in your account.


By choosing the Full Service Option, you have the dual advantage of having access to all of this website's internet resources plus you can utilize all the traditional functions of a brokerage firm. You can transfer certificates, money balances, IRA and conduct a variety of other financial transactions in your account. You can discuss your ideas with your Account Executive and utilize his/her knowledge of the markets. He/she will give you advice if you wish, monitor your positions and alert you to recent developments that might deserve your attention.


These services come at a slightly higher price per transaction. However, you will be in good hands with any of our investment professionals. They provide the expertise you need to make sound decisions for the future.