FAQs for Full Service Accounts

How do I fund my account?

Send check or money orders to:

Southwest Securities, Inc.


Attn: Cashiers


1201 Elm Street SU 3500


Dallas TX 75270

Include your full name and account number on your check or money order.

How do I wire funds into my account?

All payments must be made to the order of Southwest Securities, Inc.

Wire funds to:





Credit to:


SOUTHWEST SECURITIES Account # 08805076955

For further credit:

Your Account Name Your Account #

Who and how do I contact someone at Cales Investments with questions/instructions with my account?

For technical questions relating to browser, software or broken links:
[email protected]

For questions or instructions relating to your account:
[email protected]

For general questions, suggestions or inquiries:
[email protected]
Phone: 303 765 5600
Fax: 303 765 0097

Cales Investments Inc
300 N. Lincoln Street
Denver CO 80203-3929

What kind of software / browser do I need?

Netscape or Internet Explorer, versions 4 or later. Java, Javascript and Stylesheets must all be enabled. Internet Explorer may automatically prompt you once to download the "Java Virtual Machine" if it was not included in your installation.

What extra forms does a Foreign account need?

Every foreign account is required to have a W-8 form on file. This form needs to be renewed every two years to avoid Foreign Withholding on your account.

Go to www.irs.treas.gov/prod/forms_pubs/fillin.html

select 1200 Form W-8BEN Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial...

double click on Review Selected Files

double click on 1200 Form W-8BEN Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding ( 44K) Adobe PDF Fill-in

Download and open the form in Acrobat Reader. Type in your name, address, City, Zip, State, (Country if outside the USA), and your account number. Print out the form sign it and send it to:

Cales Investments Inc.
300 N. Lincoln Street
Denver CO 80203-3929.

How will I be notified of trade executions?

A confirmation will be mailed to your per transaction, unless you choose to receive the confirmations via email or fax. To receive email or fax confirmations you will need to fill out and sign a special form. Go to Cales Home page, click on Investing with Advice button and then click on the Confirmations via email or fax. Print the form out and mail or fax the form to Cales Investments

What forms do I need to open an account with Cales Investments?

Go to our home page, click on the "Broker-Assisted Investing" button, go to Open an Account, and choose Apply Online or Apply by Mail. Fill out the form. Click the "Send Now" button when the form is complete. If you decided to apply by mail we will mail all the appropriate forms. If you applied online you will be contacted by email on your status.

When are account balances updated to reflect my account activity?


What do I do if I can't remember my Username or Password?

Send Cales an email at [email protected]

What Securities can I trade?

Stocks, index options and equity options (If you trade options please contact us at [email protected]. You will have to fill out an Options Agreement before any option trades can be executed.

What type of orders can I place?

TIF (Time in Force) Order Types:
Day-Orders good through the end of the day only
GTC-Good Till Cancelled
FOK -Fill or Kill
IOC -Immediate Or Cancel
OPG-Orders executed as close to the opening bell of the exchange as possible
CLO-Orders executed as close to the closing bell of the exchange as possible

Execution Types:
AON -All Or None
DNR-Do Not Reduce the price by dividend (if selling securities)
DNI-Do Not Increase the price by dividend (if buying a security)

Price Qualifiers:
Limit-Sets a minimum price limit to be achieved
Stop-Sets a price limit that needs to be broken to trigger a "Buy market" or "Sell market" order
Stop Limit -Sets a price limit to be broken to trigger a "Buy Limit" or "Sell Limit" order

Ownership of your account

Domestic Accounts

You have opened your account online either online or by mailing us the required forms. The account is being carried in your name, in the name of an entity controlled by you, or for which you are the authorized representative. You are the only person authorized to initiate transactions for this account. Your broker is authorized to act upon your verbal or written instructions only.

Foreign Accounts


You have opened your account with the help of a Foreign Broker. Your account is therefore introduced and serviced by the Foreign Brokerage firm and Cales Investments, Inc. acts as a secondary Clearing House. You are therefore a customer of the Foreign Brokerage firm and subject to their terms and conditions and their business practices. Cales operates in good faith as instructed by your foreign broker or their employees.


You have opened your account directly with Cales by using our online application forms. In this case, you are dealing directly with employees of Cales Investments, are therefore a customer of Cales Investments, Inc. and subject to all U.S. securities laws, rules and regulations.

Who is authorized to do transactions in my account.

You must authorize transactions in your account either by telephone, fax or e-mail. If you have signed a Power of Attorney in favor of a third person, this person will be authorized to initiate transactions in your account.

What kind of services do I get?

By choosing the Full Service Option, you have the dual advantage of having access to all of this website's resources plus you can utilize all the traditional functions of a brokerage firm. You can transfer certificates, money balances, IRA and conduct a variety of other financial transactions in your account. You can discuss your ideas with your Account Executive and utilize his/her knowledge of the markets. He/she will give you advice if you wish, monitor your positions and alert you to recent developments that might deserve your attention.

What is a Limited Trading Authorization?

An authorization, usually provided by a limited power of attorney, for someone other than the customer to have trading privileges in an account. These privileges are limited to purchases and sales; withdrawal of assets is not authorized.

What is a Full Trading Authorization?

An authorization, usually provided by a full power of attorney, for someone other than the customer to have full trading privileges in an account. These privileges include withdrawals of funds and securities.

What is the minimum balance for a MARGIN Account?


What is a margin call?

The Federal Reserve Board's demand that a customer deposit a specified amount of money or securities when a purchase is made in a margin account; the amount is expressed as a percentage of the market value of the securities at the time of purchase. The deposit must be made within one payment period. Syn FED CALL; FEDERAL CALL; FEDERAL MARGIN; REG T CALL; T CALL.

What is SIPC?

"Securities Investor Protection Corporation"
A nonprofit membership corporation created by an act of Congress to protect clients of brokerage firms that are forced into bankruptcy. Membership is composed of all brokers and dealers registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, all members of national securities exchanges and most NASD members. SIPC provides customers of these firms up to $500,000 coverage for cash and securities held by the firms (although coverage of cash is limited to $100,000)

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